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  1. Paredes-Grube Architecture
    Bergen County, New Jersey
    Architectural firm
    Move the World Films, Inc.
    Tampa, Florida
    Non-proffit Organization
  2. Proffits, Inc
    New Braunfels, Texas
    Health industry consultants
    Blanco Masonic Lodge No. 216
    Blanco, Texas
    Non-proffit organization
  3. Natalie Hain, Yoga & Ayurveda
    Blanco, Texas
    Wellness Consulting
    Recreation Plantation Campground
    Dripping Springs, Texas
    Private gathering campground
  4. Austin Property Team
    Austin, Texas
    Property management services
    Guy's Seasoning
    Houston, Texas
    E-commerce company
  5. Blanco Classic Car Show
    Blanco, Texas
    Non-Proffit organization
    Harmony Canines
    San Antonnio, Texas
    Dog training services

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  • One year Hosting
  • 6 pages, including a Blog (5 pages + Blog)
  • Fully functional on smart phones, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • Backgrounds and supporting graphics as required. Color correction and resizing of photos to make them suitable for web publishing.
  • A temporary website location that you can access at anytime for reviewing and approving the work in progress.
  • Photo gallery and sliders as needed.
  • Links to social media websites.
  • 3 hours of on-site training, at your office, home, or over the phone, for content updating and general administration of the website (35 miles from Blanco, Texas).
  • Google Analytics for traffic monitoring and metrics (Google Analytics is provided by Google as a free service. An account with Google is required).
  • Submission of website URL to Google, Yahoo, and Bing (A Microsoft account may be required).
Services & Products
Photo Gallery
Contact Us
About Us
  • A screen-wide slider depicting large size photographs with call-to-action and links to corresponding pages.
  • A section with a short description of the business with link to corresponding page.
  • Box depicting titles of the latest blogs published.
  • A brief introduction to any relevant topic.
  • Bios and photos of staff.
  • History of the business.
  • Mission and vision of the business.
  • Credentials or membership to organizations.
  • Blogs are great for News and Announcements or for Tips and Advice.
  • You can publish articles about your insights and insirations on subjects related to your business.
  • Email form that can be forwarded to any email address.
  • Addresses and phone numbers as required.
  • Google map widget indicating the location of your business and link to Google Map Directions.
  • Descriptions and photos of your services and/or products as required.
  • Gallery of photos with customizable widget as required.
  • Photos will be presented in a typical gallery form.
  • The photos will expand to maximum screen size. when clicked.
  • Images can be categorized by groups in any way desired.
"With Luis, you get a production schedule you can depend on, and you'll be trained how to use your website when he's done. His prices are reasonable, and his work is even better."
~ George Siegal
   CEO of Move the World Films, Inc.

"Luis is a master craftsman who can blend equal parts science and art to craft brand experiences that inspire conversations, build relationships, and drive important decisions.”
~Art Kalvert
Owner of Kalvert Associates

"Luis taught me how to make changes and updates to the website. I am not great with technology so this took a lot of patience on his part. I always know that Luis will be there if I have any questions. "
~Tiffany Mann
Owner/Broker at Mann Real Estate, LLC

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director

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Not Included in this Offer
  1. Online Marketing
  2. Content writing. Luis Ramirez can provide content writing if needed, and it will be estimated and billed separately.
  3. Photo scanning. Any photo scanning required will be estimated and billed separately.
  4. Social Media. Creation or management of Social media accounts (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter) are not included in this estimate.
  5. Search Key Terms. If required Luis Ramirez can provide research of Key Terms for SEO accuracy utilizing Google AdWords tool, billed at $65.00/hr.

Disclaimer: Luis Ramirez makes no promises, representations or guarantees whatsoever to clients about future prospects, marketing results or search engine rankings. The website will be search engine-optimized based on the content you provide. Ranking on the result pages on Google and others will depend on your own marketing efforts.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Payment Terms. One-time payment of $695 upon approval of final proposal, provided that the work scope described on this offer’s web page remains as stated.
  2. Delivery Time and Contents. The final website will be published 20 working days after the approval of final proposal and receiving all contents from THE CLIENT. All contents will be provided by THE CLIENT in electronic form.
  3. Delays. If THE CLIENT requests to delay or stop work, or delays in providing access to required resources, THE CLIENT agrees that (a) such delays or stoppages may extend the Deliverables schedules, (b) Luis Ramirez will not be responsible for his inability to meet deliverable schedules initially agreed to and affected by such delays or stoppages, and (c) a new deliverable schedule may need to be agreed to. Luis Ramirez will not be liable for claims resulting from the foregoing.
  4. Copyright. THE CLIENT represents that all website content including logos, trademarks, photos, illustrations, audio, video, and written content provided to Luis Ramirez are owned by THE CLIENT, or THE CLIENT has received explicit permission for use, and do not violate United States copyright law. THE CLIENT has also received permission from all individuals photographed to be shown on the web. Each person depicted in the photos going on this website understands that their face will be seen on the Internet. Any names and contact information placed on the website also have been provided with consent from each individual.
  5. THE CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold Luis Ramirez harmless against all claims, including but not limited to claims of copyright or trademark infringement, violations of the rights of privacy or publicity or defamation, arising out of use of the work.
  6. Ownership of Copyright. Luis Ramirez acknowledges and agrees that THE CLIENT retains all rights to copyright in the subject material.
  7. Ownership and Return of Artwork. All final content created by Luis Ramirez and/or his subcontractors for THE CLIENT, are the property of THE CLIENT. THE CLIENT hereby grants to Luis Ramirez the right to use the work for demonstration, via portfolio or advertising, as past work performed. All working, layered Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files are property of Luis Ramirez.
  8. Internet Access. Access to the internet will be provided by a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP) to be contracted by THE CLIENT and who will not be a party to this agreement.
  9. Other Electronic Commerce Business Relationships. THE CLIENT understands that the web host, credit card processing services and any other businesses not owned by Luis Ramirez are not parties to this contract and are separate business entities from Luis Ramirez. THE CLIENT understands that Luis Ramirez has no control over functionality or availability of website due to the actions or inaction of the web host server, credit card processing, online banking and any other business services THE CLIENT uses to transact business over the Internet outside of Luis Ramirez. Luis Ramirez makes no representations, warranties or guarantees for any recommendations of other Internet business partners.
  10. Changes. THE CLIENT shall be responsible for making additional payments for changes in original assignment requested by THE CLIENT. Any requested changes to the final Structure and Functionality described in the final proposal will be estimated and charged separately at a rate of $65/hr.

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